There are currently 109 people working on this campaign

They vary from 18 to 62. There are students, professionals, artists, retirees – people from all backgrounds and occupations giving their time for free. People who believe in voting number one Dylan Haskins.

If you’d like to join us, even for a few hours, contact


Running a political campaign is an expensive business. While the team are all working on this in a voluntary capacity, we will still need considerable resources to pay for posters, flyers, advertising and events to get the word out. In the interest of transparency, all incomings and outgoings will be published on this website weekly.

If you believe in what I stand for and want to help me make a difference, please contribute whatever you can afford.

All donations will be published. No amount is too small, and please bear in mind that the maximum allowed to any candidate from an individual in a General Election is €2,539.48.