Occupation: Economist, author and broadcaster. “Dylan Haskins is an intelligent and inspiring representative for a new generation. We need people like him to lend their voices and ideas to our economic recovery. Give him your number one vote.”

Occupation: UCD Professor of Modern Irish History, Author, Broadcaster. “Dylan Haskins is the kind of young, intelligent and informed representative that Ireland badly needs at a time of crisis. He is offering the sort of idealism, creativity and committment that are needed to begin to change a dysfunctional political system”

Occupation: Property Developer “There is little doubt but Ireland is in need of a new form of politics as its people have been poorly served by those who claim to represent us. New candidates like Dylan Haskins in Dublin South East have to be a breath of fresh air and if it requires a new … Read more

Occupation: Director, Irish Architecture Foundation. “Haskins may be independent and a single voice but he represents many who are dissatisfied with the current state of Irish politics. He stands for equality and transparency. Haskins may be one voice but with our support he will make a difference.”

Occupation: Playwright and Half of THISISPOPBABY “Irish politics is in dire need of change and part of that change has to include younger voices in the halls of power. Dylan Haskins is exactly the kind of voice who has been kept out of the political conversation, and he’s exactly the kind of voice who needs … Read more

Occupation: Landlord, entertainer, gender illusionist, rights activist, blogger. Dylan Haskins is the kind of idealistic, energetic, independent thinking and impressive young candidate that we need to bring fresh ideas and forward thinking to a moribund system. He is committed to equality for all, including Civil Marriage for gay couples, and to working with local communities … Read more

Occupation: Academic, poet, playwright, human rights & disabled women’s rights campaigner, member of Travelling community, member of the Gay Pavee forum. “Dylan Haskins not only gives a voice to a generation of people that thought politics didn’t affect them until the downturn, Dylan also manages to step back and listen carefully to those voices that … Read more