Income & Expenditure – Week 3

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  • Total net donations to the campaign for the week ending 18th February were €156. This consisted of online and offline donations.
  • Online donations had a net total after PayPal commission of €106. Total net refunds* of €277 were made.
  • Offline donations to the campaign for the week total €50.
  • This brings total donations from the outset of the campaign to €7,638.


  • Total expenditure for the week was €1,099.
  • Total cash expenditure for the third week was €1,051, consisting predominantly of print production and other campaign materials.
  • Total online expenditure for the third week was €48, consisting of advertising costs.
  • There were credit purchases €1,115 for the week ending 18th February.
  • This brings total cash and credit expenditure from the outset of the campaign to €9,694.


  • The campaign currently has cash holdings totalling €4,558 which includes a bank account balance of €159, a PayPal account balance of €4003 and petty cash of €396.

Summary balance as of 18th February 2011

  • Cash at hand as at 18th Feb: €4,558
  • Creditors payable as at 18th Feb: €1,115
  • Loans payable as at 18th Feb: -€3,676
  • Campaign balance to date         -€233

* Following the first week of the campaign all donors were contacted to clarify that in the interests of transparency their donations would be listed alongside their names following the election. Having consulted with donors, six who had hoped to support the campaign anonymously were refunded, totaling €277. Following this, all donors were alerted explicitly to our transparency principles in relation to the disclosure of all donations at the end of the campaign

Note: Further essential expenditure on printed materials, media and other expenses will be incurred over the course of the campaign, requiring further fundraising efforts. If you would like to contribute, please visit our donation page.

Download the full statement PDF:

Income & Expenditure 3 – Week ending 180211

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  • C says:

    Fair play Dylan. I’m really impressed with all your work so far – and especially for taking the time to do up your campaign accounts. I’m in Dublin SE and FG have my number 1 and 2 – because I think we need a one party government. But you have my number 3. I hope it’s worth something.