Question 21: Given that you are an independent candidate, even if elected – how much influence can you realistically expect to have in the new Dáil without the support of a party?

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It’s hugely important to have new voices and new faces in the Dail. With the majority of TDs male and over the age of 50, it’s also important to introduce a greater balance in terms of both age and gender. You don’t have to be in government to make a difference. You don’t even have to be in a party. In Dail Eireann, I will be a voice to hold politicians to account for the promises that they made. Even though I am unaffiliated with any party or alliance it will be possible to form a technical group with other independent TDs for speaking rights. There’s also lots of important work to be done on committees, so hopefully I will also have influence in those forums.

My commitment is to have no blind or tactical allegiances – I will use my voice and vote to support ideas and initiatives that I believe are in the national interest rather than parties or people.

In addition, plenty of my initiatives in my policy document don’t necessitate me being in government or having the support of a party, such as setting up a monthly constituency forum in Dublin South East, or establishing a Creative Investment Fund with one quarter of my salary.

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  • Peter says:

    You really haven’t a clue – if you are elected you will be a lame duck TD – I saw you in UCD recently and was hugely disappointed – you were incoherent and frankly not very intelligent – your recent comments about Paul Somerville are underhanded codology. The answer to question 21 is that you will not have an ounce of influence. Join a party, support a possible Government or go away.